Of Ending and Beginning

In Sigil, we find that Xerros has been struggling to recall anything relating to the events of the previous adventure. He has been keeping tabs on his companions from Sigil, since doing so provides the only connection he has to the past. He is visited by an imp named Sefi, who cryptically offers him answers to his problem if he meets with an emissary of his master, the blue-skinned Azure Baron.
Xerros reconnects with his friends (Morghan & Minerva in the Feywild, Azhi at the peak of a mountain in the Material Plane, and Mycroft and Gore’n in Langhame-sea) who have all been encountering the same memory loss, and they all reluctantly agree to go along with Sefi to meet this mysterious emissary.
In a pocket-plane outfitted like a comfortable garden, they meet a former adventuring company led by a Goliath named Aukan Keeneye Ogolakanu. Keeneye explains that he and his company are allied with the Azure Baron, who claims to offer the truth behind their missing memories. He claims that the gods they know and serve are actually mortal, and that the party has somehow come upon their ire.
Keeneye informs the party that there is a mysterious temple, locked in time, in a remote island in the Material Plane. He suggests that they may be able to begin finding answers if they investigate.
Minerva creates a planar portal to this island, and the party arrives in a windy, remote island in the Material Plane. They encounter a traveling tinker flying in a dirigible towards the town of Lindellin Falls, their destination. They hitch a ride with the tinker and arrive at the temple to find it is somehow locked in time, as if it hasn’t changed in many many years. They break the barrier, only to be assaulted by some sort of guardians, which the party dispatches.
As the party enters the temple proper, they encounter an elven cleric, who claims that the year is 1348 and that they are in a temple to Melora.



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