Island Life: The Lead-up to Paragon Tier

A brief summary of the events leading up to Paragon Tier

*If you would like a detailed summary of the previous Heroic Tier sessions, check out the Wiki page.

Following the destruction of the last two focussing stones in Tabaria, all 14 champions & warriors were transported to a mysterious island in the middle of an endless expanse of water. On this island was an ornate gazebo and three shimmering angels. These angels, speaking on behalf of the Septumvir, thanked the champions for their service in the matter of the stones, and offered them the choice to remain on this island for the rest of their lives (with anything they could imagine being provided for them) or to head away from the island towards uncertain ends. With that, the angels disappeared, leaving the champions in a state of confusion.

This confusion was disrupted by a slow clapping coming from a mysterious blue skinned figure standing in the gazebo. This figure introduced itself as the Azure Baron, and with a smirk, questioned the party about what the gods had gotten them to do. This Azure Baron seemed to be cryptically questioning the merits of the party’s most recent venture. Before he could be properly questioned, he disappeared into a swirl of smoke.

Gore’n prepared to leave the island with his brother in faith, Vos. However:

All the champions chose the uncertain path away from the island, rather than stay behind. Where this will lead them, who knows?



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