Mycroft Hawklight

Human Bard and former circus performer from Korowen in the Material Plane.

Mycroft Hawklight, born in the municipality of Korowen, was raised among his many brothers and sisters as a performing member of the renowned Hawklight Family Traveling Circus. He honed his skills in acrobatics, animal training, and impersonations, and eventually took over for his father as ringmaster (on the weekends). From his grandmother he learned to play the reed flute, and discovered he had an affinity for the arcane power imbued in the folk songs of his homeland. In his many travels he learned the songs of many other nations and peoples.

During a transit to Langhame-sea the entire circus entourage was violently robbed and abducted by the treacherous pirate Donnison. The pirate leader tortured the members of the Hawklight family with the aim of having them join his gang of thugs; when they refused, they were executed in order of usefulness. Mycroft, having those skills most beneficial to pirates, was forced to watch his entire family murdered by Donnison, and upon the death of his father swore to avenge them by killing the pirate.

One night, while imprisoned upon Donnison’s ship, a fire caused by a boarding party from Langhame-sea gave Mycroft an opportunity to escape. In his flight he angrily killed three defenseless pirate lackeys, but was forced to abandon ship before finding Donnison. He was left to drift aimlessly at sea upon a few scraps of wood, and as hunger and thirst set in he felt death draw near. Sensing he was being punished for his crimes of murder, in his stupor he made a bargain with Boann, the Bound and Blind God: he would never kill a human again, in exchange for an opportunity to meet with Donnison once more. He fell unconscious, only to awake upon the shore near Langhame-sea. He gathered his wits and set out to find Donnison, intending to break his pact with Boann and kill the pirate. In his search he ran afoul of a mysterious cloaked sorcerer, who banished him to the Imprisoned Realm, where his greatest adventures still lay ahead of him…

Mycroft Hawklight

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