Campaign Summaries

Here will be the summaries for previous campaign sessions.

Session 1 – In the Beginning…
In a bustling Langhame-sea dockside pub, the Waldorf, four weary travelers meet for the first time: Magnus, Morghan, Azhi and Tobias. Without warning, Donnison and his crew take the patrons hostage, and in the chaos Waldorf, the proprietor, is killed. On the docks Donnison humiliates Magnus in front of the others by binding his hands. In the ensuing scuffle Morghan reveals her powers to the others, and Azhi is shown to have a mysterious mark on his hand. The pirates escape, and the heroes are confronted with another challenge – Ramsey, Magnus’ preceptor in the faith, has lost his holy symbol.

Session 2 – Journey to Storm Peak
On a tip from Brindle, the party discover that Ramsey’s holy symbol was stolen by the barmaid Molly, who was subsequently kidnapped from her home by a mythical creature – a mountain spirit. The heroes track the creature into the mountains, where they find that the Hill Tribes, cast out from Langhame-sea during the plague, are working in collusion with mountain spirits. They free Molly from the cave and return her to her family, and recover the holy symbol. However, Ramsey reveals what has transpired during their absence: Donnison and his crew have abducted the prince – who is in fact a princess carrying Ramsey’s child.

Session 3 – A F###ing Bear!
The heroes are enlisted by Inspector Rathbone and Captain Axwell to pursue Donnison’s ship. En route to the pirates, the king’s magic adviser, Peterson, discusses with them the strange murders and bizarre robberies occurring in Langhame-sea. The heroes lead an assault on the pirate ship, fighting their way into the bowels of the vessel, where they eventually kill Ruthvern, Donnison’s second in command. They rescue princess Rayna, but the “Dark Lady” (Aeliana, still under Donnison’s control) uses magic to re-animate pirates as zombies, who are then effortlessly vanquished by Azhi. The heroes return to a city terrorized by a mysterious nocturnal murderer.

Session 4 – To Arms, Comrades!
It has been a few weeks since the pirates have defeated and Donnison’s ship sunk. In the Waldorf Morghan is accused of being a witch, and a group of vigilantes attack her, Magnus and Azhi. Fortunately, four of the city watch personnel – Chewie, Ollie, Bug, and Gore’n – bravely come to their defense and preserve the peace. Fast friends, the seven are briefed by Peterson about a possible new clue regarding the mysterious “Rat-Beast of Langhame-sea”, and on this tip they stake out a cemetery, where they barely survive a zombie attack. Before they can resume their investigation they are again recruited by Rathbone and Axwell to prevent a surprise Hill Tribe attack. They are successful in their defense, though Morghan’s magic use is revealed to the new heroes, raising questions of trust. They return to Langhame-sea to find it sacked but still under the control of King Ambrose. Peterson is close to translating an old magic formula that will reveal the ingredients needed by the Rat-Beast – a spell called “The Working of the Flesh”.

Session 5 – It’s Always the Quiet Ones
A disturbance at the Heshang market results in more zombie battling, as well as a glimpse of the Rat-Beast. A Heshang boy, Huanti, and his blind father are rescued by the heroes. The heroes are called to the Palace for questioning regarding the Rat-Beast, where Morghan’s secrets are nearly divulged to the honourable but devoutly anti-witch Inspector Rathbone. Fortunately, Magnus’ diplomacy and Ramsey’s hangover save the day. Brindle becomes agitated and leaves the meeting, vowing to kill the monster before sunrise. Peterson confides in the heroes that he no longer trusts anyone but them, and asks them to visit him at midnight. While Bug pilfers the royal armoury, Azhi and Gore’n get the palace guards drunk enough to allow the others to sneak around undiscovered. At midnight Peterson is found nearly dead, having been attacked by the Rat-Beast – he reveals the final ingredient to “The Working of the Flesh”: the blood of a priest of Boann. The church bells sound and the party races to save Ramsey. Upon their arrival they find Brindle poised above the old priest ready to strike with his blade. He is stopped, but it is quickly revealed that his suspicion was correct – the Rat-Beast was indeed Ramsey. He transforms, and the party is unable to defeat him until they offer up the blood of Magnus: Ramsey must become human again to complete the spell. When he does his life is cut short by Azhi’s javelin. However, the battle and magic use was surreptitiously witnessed by Inspector Rathbone, who gives the party twenty minutes to leave Langhame-sea and never return.

Session 6 – Life in Exile
The heroes hitch a ride with Huanti and his family aboard their bixis, and head east up the He River. They eventually reach the small trade town of Sari deep in the Dengarr Steppe, where they are treated to free yak’s milk by the local barkeep Zabulon. They save a young Zandi man, Nariman, from a gang of thugs, and he hires them to help escort his Zandi tribe’s zubixi through the desert to Apadana. They in turn hire some local mercenaries to make the situation easier. They catch up with the Zandi “village” – a town built on the back of an enormous lumbering creature. During their first night there one of the mercenaries, Geev, attacks Azhi and declares him a “traitor” – he is beaten and thrown from the village. Soon they encounter another enormous creature in the desert – a mechanical construct under the control of Kashkai bandits. They invade the machine, and in the chaos lose Bug; but they do happen upon and rescue their old friend Tobias, who is unapologetically naked. They are able to halt the machine, but not before Magnus is poisoned with bandock root – it is revealed the only known cure is the sacred blossom of Apadana.

Session 7 – The Festival of Faradas
The heroes arrive in time for the Festival of Faradas, which culminates in the blooming of Apadama’s well protected flower. They intend to infiltrate the palace, through disguise and stealth – Azhi and Gore’n get themselves arrested so that they may fight gladiator style for the entertainment of Sila, the Kashkai queen; Morghan and Magnus perform arcane feats for Narriel, the Korowen queen, and her mysterious cloaked attendant; Ollie and Chewie buy secret passage into the palace and narrowly escape the wicked and soulless magic of Zelear the mad queen of Apadana, who taunts them with a riddle; and Tobias gives King Bahman a performance he would never forget. All seven are able to gain entry to the quiet inner sanctum, but are nearly killed by the extensive booby traps around the flower. They obtain its healing essence and escape the palace with their lives. Resting in the Zandi village, they awake to find that Magnus has disappeared, with a bloodied note as their only clue to his whereabouts.

Session 8 – the Search for Magnus
The heroes are given a mysterious note from a child that tells them to find the “whistling man at the end of civilization”. They figure out that this means the outpost H’aldor’s Watch. Once there, they find the whistling man, who introduces himself as Prion. He takes them to the docks, where they can choose a boat to take them to the island of Aegir, where their friend is likely being held. The heroes choose the boat captained by obvious pirates, who of course try to rob them and kill them. However, the heroes kill the pirates and their stranded boat is found by the inept Captain of another ship. Half his crew decides to join the heroes, led by a man named Ealler. He now commands the Wayward Sound. Once at the island of Aegir, they are told by a Paladin that the city is being attacked. They rush to assist, and together with the Paladin they destroy two giant elemental Atronachs. Afterwards, they are met by a strange robed figure named Osmund, who blames the attacks on magic users like Morghan.

Session 9 – Into the Flood
As Osmund confronts the party, the stone around his neck begins to glow along with the glyph on Azhi’s hand. Osmund is terrified, and all the Flooded teleport away in a blast of water. The heroes are taken to the Temple of the Initiate, where they meet the high Priestess of Boann, Maia Boannsyll. She notices something strange in Ollie. Maia asks the heroes to help clear out the Market district, which has been besieged by thieves and looters in the ensuing chaos. She then gives them a map of the island. The heroes solve a few puzzles set out by the Flooded, and gain entrance into their hideout. Here they find Magnus, bound and blindfolded. Before they can attack Osmund, however, the mysterious Prion appears in the room and blasts Osmund with a spell. He then shifts his face to look like Brindle.

Session 10 – the Road to Huracan is Paved in Slaver’s Blood
The heroes trade Magnus for the knowledge that the Prince is actually Princess Rayna, and that she is with child. Outside, they notice that Bug has disappeared. They return Magnus to the Temple, and set sail for the mainland. Onboard the Wayward Sound, they are introduced to a bard named Nerea, who entertains them with stories. Once on land, they hear that a small coastal village is being attacked by pirates. They rush to aid, and find Donnison and the Dark Woman with dozens of pirates. They kill the pirates, and Gore’n sinks Donnison’s boat using only Vera. They discover that the Dark Woman is really a Moravian woman named Aeliana, who has been drugged by Donnison. On the way North, they encounter a temple to Huracan. Inside they meet two Priests who recognize Ollie. Ollie tells the group that he was once a Priest of Huracan, but that he abandoned the order and their strange practices. On the road again, the group finds a group of slavers being hung by villagers. Gore’n recognizes one as his father. In an emotional and hateful reunion, Gore’n is forced to kill his own father. Once at Fort Exodus, the group encounter a portal with a demon attempting to escape. They defeat the demon, and then are thrown into the portal by a hooded figure who reveals himself to be Ramsey.

Session 11 – the Imprisoned Realm & Huracan Thwarted
The heroes land in a strange realm and find Bug there. They are immediately attacked by a Minotaur who is dragging a man in a net. They defeat the beast and are introduced the Mycroft, the circus performer. Azhi finds an obsidian dagger stuck into the door. Together, the heroes journey through the bleak wasteland of the Imprisoned Realm. They find a tower of fire in the same spot as the temple to Huracan. Here they find a strange book being suspended in a pillar of flame. They take the book and narrowly escape the tower as it is consumed with fire. The heroes figure out the the dagger paired with the tome are able to open a portal back to the physical realm, which they do. They return to Langhame-sea just in time to find it besieged by monsters. They rush to the top of the tower and narrowly defeat Ramsey in time to stop Huracan’s possession of the Princess’ child.
Ramsey is finally killed for good, and Erebus appears before the group in thanks.

Session 12 – the Search for Donnison
Chewy receives a note from Aeliana Faustanus. He reconvenes the party, and they journey to Korowen. They meet up with Aeliana, and set out to find Donnison. On the way, they follow his destruction and find some dead Zandi, including Nariman. The group reaches Donnison’s hideout, and Azhi kills him before Mycroft is able to. Mycroft is super pissed.

Session 13 – Blood on the Snow
Gore’n has journeyed far to meditate on his life, and finds himself drunk and defeated deep in the Dengarr Stepp. He is teleported back to Korowen by Erebus where he and the group encounter some Foulspawn outside the Storm Crow. Gore’n has become a Paladin of Erebus. Afterwards, they speak with the Masters of the Citadel who tell them about the focusing stones. They are told to investigate and possibly destroy them. The group encounters the White Hand Company, who has captured a young white dragon. They let the dragon go free.

Session 14 – Focusing Stones & Manor Houses
The party deactivates the focusing stone on the mountain summit. They speak to Master Isri in a cave on the mountain, where she explains that she is a member of the Arcane Dominion. She mentions that one of the Dominion members has gone crazy while researching the stones. The group goes to Morthos Manor to find her and is attacked by Gnolls.

Session 15 – Stones, Justicars & the Fae
The party defeats the Dominion mage and deactivates the stone. On the way out of the manor, they are captured by Justicars from Langhame-sea. Chewy convinces the Justicars to let them free. Back in Korowen, Ealler tells the group that he is actually a Fae, and that his sister Nerea is missing. The group finds her in the forest, just as Prion is opening a portal to the Faewild. They gain a griffon.

Session 16 – Lukin & the Lost Azhi
Erebus speaks to Gore’n personally and cryptically tells him to search for Shun Vivas. The party takes Nerea to the Dominion headquarters, which is a flying island in the sky. They meet the head members, who try to make sense of recent events, but things get somewhat muddier. The group is sent to find Master Lukin, who has somehow managed to get Isri kicked off the council. They try to find Azhi & Ealler, who have gone missing, but the trail goes cold when they discover that they were taken by Flooded operatives who teleported the two away from Korowen. The party finds a double in Lukin’s chamber, and pursues the real Lukin to the docks, where they kill him and throw his body into the sea.

Session 17: “The Party Crashes the Party & the Plot Thickens”
At the Storm Crow, the party realizes they are all missing some money and healing potions. They then search Lukin’s chamber for evidence of his involvement with the Flooded. They find a strange pile of parchment colored liquid and a necromancy altar. They send the liquid to the Arcane Dominion for advice. They also find a letter from someone named Ander Maddox that mentions a gathering being held for the elite of Langhame-sea at an Opera House. Gore’n, Mycroft and Bug head to Phed’s to get information, but they soon find out that Bug is in debt to Phed for 38,000 gold over a serious drug addiction to something called Dream Mist. Morghan, Ollie and Chewy find the Opera House and buy fancy clothes to infiltrate the party. Gore’n wears the Hat of Disguise and joins them where they find Ander Maddox, and interrogate him about Azhi & Ealler’s whereabouts. Bug and Mycroft fleece the party guests for some coin, but are still a far way from clearing his debt. The heroes commandeer a steam powered drill device to the Flooded’s barracks, where steam-powered automatons ambush them. They manage to defeat them with the timely arrival of two Justicars. The lead Justicar reveals himself to be Caius Secondus, the Moravian soldier they encountered outside Morthos manor. The other Justicar takes off his helmet and the face underneath is Chewy’s.

Session 18: “Robot Tanks, Robot Dogs & Divine Defibrillators”
The heroes continue onwards into the Flooded stronghold with the intention of rescuing Azhi and Ealler, only to find that Azhi has already busted himself out of his tank of goo. While searching for Ealler, they are ambushed by another of Osmund’s crazy contraptions, this time an enormous bipedal tank. After a furious battle involving more blood and feces than usual, the party demolished the tank. Osmund narrowly avoided capture. After escaping the self-destructing barracks, Caius and Tertius explained to Chewy as much as they knew about his newly discovered identity as a Moravian replicant. It seems that a mysterious court wizard had been using a strange stone in an attempt to create the perfect soldier, and Chewy is the byproduct of this experiment. The group then receives a message from Isri, who explains that they have reconstructed the parchment they recovered from Lukin’s chambers, which seems to imply that someone is using Osmund as a patsy. The group then convinces Caius and Tertius to come along with them to the Icewood, in order to harvest a glad from a Landshark to cure Bug’s addiction. Having killed the Landshark, they sent for Brandis, who performed the ritual on Bug, which nearly killed him. Gore’n laid his hands on Bug’s unconscious body, transferring some of the essence of Eerebus to Bug. Finally, the party is transported to a strange golden palace and appear before two enormous female figures and one shadowy being, who inform the group that they need to be shown the stakes for their quest.

Session 19: “I Want This Monkey Fighting Tome Off My Monday-to-Friday Plane!”
The Truth-Seeker & the All-Knower use their combined power to send the heroes’ consciousness into the void, where they awaken inside the minds of new champions. Chewy inhabited the younger version of the Arcane Dominion wizard Poldi, Morghan the circuitry of a Warforged Warden designated HK-4, Ollie a Goliath Barbarian named Mog-Mau, Gore’n a Deva Psion named Vos, Mycroft an Eladrin Ranger named Janus Balefrost and Bug a Dwarven Fighter named Krasnal Orcbreaker. They entered the void and met three Shardmind (one of whom, Alar, had Azhi inside his mind) who sent them to assault the fortress of the mad human wizard Shun Vivas who sought to unleash Daegorath the Demon Prince of the Abyss upon all realms in exchange for immortality.
The party entered the stronghold and defeated Shun Vivas with a called shot decapitation by Janus Balefrost. The heroes recovered the Tome of the Planes from Vivas’ corpse, as his head demanded that Daegorath honor their pact.
The party then flashed through the formation of the focusing stones all around the Natural Plane (atop the mountain, below the manor-house, north of the Icewood, the deserts of Tabaria, the Palace of Tabaria and below a mountain in Moravia). The vision lingered in Moravia as Poldi inserted an incredibly valuable gem into the focusing stone which triggered some sort of ritual involving a dragon and a human male. Finally, the vision flashed to the group sealing the Tome into the Tower of Flame in the Imprisoned Realm.
The party returned to their bodies again, where Erebus proclaimed that Bug was now in the service of the Shadow god, and that Gore’n was reckless to use his gift on another.

Session 20: “Talking, Talking, PVP. Talking, Talking, Stone Golems”
The heroes awake in their own bodies again to find they’ve been gifted with some upgrades to some of their equipment. They are met by the members of the Arcane Dominion who enlist their opinions on the focusing stone debate, and the entire group decides to set off for Chewy’s homeland of Moravia. Along the way, the tension between Azhi and Mycroft comes to a head and the two break out into a fight, which comes to blows just long enough for Morghan to break it up with the help of her griffon Meg. The focusing stone debate is not made any clearer though, and the party decides that they need more information in order to make a clear decision. Poldi is shocked to discover that Morghan is in possession of Shun Vivas’ Tome of the Planes, which turns out to be the very same tome they took from the pillar of flames in the Imprisoned Realm. She warns the party angrily that the book must not fall into Vivas’ hands again or their efforts will be for naught. The group arrives in Moravia, and docks on the island of Dawes, where they immediately set out to speak with High Constable Marius. After sneaking into his chambers, they convince him that they are friends and he confesses that the Reproduction Program has been his greatest regret. He also reveals that his predecessor, Elder Faustanus, was murdered by her daughter Aeliana Lucria Faustanus. Finally, Marius assists the party in journeying to the abandoned Temple of Drakatos, where he knows the rogue court wizard Eberek has taken root with the focusing stone.

Session 21: “Necrotic Clones Inevitably Lead to Exploding Tomes”
The heroes wake atop the island temple of Drakatos to find that Mycroft has returned to Dawes to search for a woman who looked like his sister. On his way out, he tied Azhi’s bootlaces together and hilarity ensued. Chewy prayed at the altar to Ommadon, King of Dragons, which triggered the stone slab to rise up and expose a dark crypt below. Inside, the party faced smothering darkness and a room filled with necrotic water. In another room, they triggered a trap which filled the room with the necrotic sludge and worked together to stem the flow of water long enough to open a door and escape. After dispatching a group of rot grubs wearing zombie skins, the party reached the main chamber where Chewy was created. Inside the chamber they found a focusing stone, the wizard Eberek, a reanimated undead dragon, an emaciated warrior who claimed to be the original source of the clones, and the third brother to Chewy and Tertius (now an undead monster). After a long and exhausting battle, the party argued over what to do with the exhausted and defeated clone warrior. With no clear decision made, Morghan chooses to replace the large gem inside the focusing stone with the Tome of the Planes, which triggers the stone to explode and a rift in the planar fabric to open in its place. But where does it lead?

Session 22: “New Places, New Faces: A Journey Through the Void”
After being thrown onto the ground from the exploding focusing stone, the heroes regain consciousness only to find that a Demongate has opened in its place. A swarm of demons emerges from the portal, grabs the Tome of the Planes and the old warrior and retreats back through the other side. A horrible demon (that doesn’t look like an elephant) emerges and the party fights to push it back through the gate, however as they do so, the demon pulls Azhi in with it. The remaining party follows through, pushes the demon into a huge swirling eddy to the Void, unsuccessfully attempt to seal the Demongate, and are then sucked into the Void.
Gore’n wakes in a strange land, encounters a young Eladrin woman named Minerva and a long-deactivated HK-4, who inform him that he is in the Feywild. At that moment the sky above begins to tear and giant building sized boulders begin to rain down from above, releasing hundreds of demons as they hit the ground. The three new acquaintances rush to a nearby ruined village, where they meet Azhi & Bug as well as another new figure, a Tiefling warrior named Xerros who claims to have been sent by the Septumvir to retrieve the party and take them to Sigil, the city of doors. After a tense battle to defend the site of a gateway created by Xerros from unending hordes of demons, the party escapes through the portal and emerge in Sigil.

Session 23: “Skydivers, Demon Slayers & You: The Journey to the Septumvir”
After falling through the gateway to the Void, Morghan and Ollie both come to in mid-air over a strange land, plummeting towards the ground. Morghan manages to summon Meg somehow and rides her to safety, while Ollie uses his amazing bow skills to lash himself to a passing air-skiff. This skiff is being piloted by a Githzerai named Randus and his partner Grunt the Minotaur. The two were desperately trying to avoid being captured by a cartel of Dwarves, whom they robbed. The group lands the skiff on the outskirts of a ruined tower, which is being defended from demons by Vos and Lucasta. Vos instructs the others to follow him through the port-key, and they do so after defeating wave after wave of demons. Once through the portal, the group finds themselves in the city of doors, Sigil. Here they seek out a temple to one of the Septumvir. Along the way, they encounter Chewy, who has gotten himself captured by a group of demons. The lead demon keeps asking Chewy where the Tome of the Planes is, which he doesn’t know. After defeating the demons, they find a temple to Roth, and are instructed to drink from a chalice, which appears to teleport them to a strange battlefield. After what seems to the group to be weeks of trudging through the neverending battlefield, they arrive at a hilltop, that teleports them to a floating disc in the sky. Here they meet up with the other half of their party, and are introduced to the Septumvir.

Session 24: From Sigil to Sand Worms
Needs Updating
Session began in Sigil, moved through a temple, then to the Septumvir. Finally, they encountered the Sand Worm in Tabaria.

Session 25: “Winter Wonderland”
Mycroft sails into Adhar Righ nan Dul aboard the traveling Bard ship the Refrain. He leaves his new troupe, having learned much about the bardic ways. He encounters a group of strange characters, of which he only recognizes Morghan. Along with her are Lucasta, Grunt, Randus, Xerros and Vos. They visit Hrothgar, the Jarl of the village, who has become downtrodden at the loss of his men and the inclement weather that has besieged his village. He suggests the party venture into the Land of Endless Frost to investigate Draigdurroch, the spiral tower occupied by the mad brothers Colzath and Drzak. Once at the spire, they are ambushed by ghostly ghouls and specters, which they dispatch. In the spire, they find frozen corpses of the villages’ warriors. At the top of the spire, they confront the mad brothers, and kill them both. They destroy the focusing stone at the top of the spire and are once again teleported away against their will.

Session 26: Tabaria
Needs Updating
Started in Tabaria. Met Formless Shadow. Saved Azhi from the serpent curse (temporarily). Investigated the Alchemist’s lab. Found his lair and destroyed the last two focussing stones. Were teleported to the island.

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Campaign Summaries

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